Invitation for Mahakumbhabisheka Peruvizha

Tavatiru Bala Murugan Adimai Swamigal

Date: 06.02.2003, Chitra Banu, Thai 23, Thursday
Time: between 9.00 a.m. and 10.30 a.m.

Dear Beloved,

As the sun emerges, the earth gets light and warmth. Besides, it not only gets rid of the darkness on the earth, but also wakes up the living things from their slumber and makes them wander with fresh energy. Similarly, deity Lord Bala Murugan removes the ignorance from the minds of the human beings and makes them the enlightened ones. With that intention, He resides as powerful deity on hills.

The miracles of deity Bala Murugan are executed through His devotee, Tavatiru Bala Murugan Adimai Swamigal, at Kilminnal-Rathinagiri, a village between Vellore and Arcot and also on the southern coast of perennial Palar River. The temple is famous and had the privilege of being sung by Arunagirinathar, a saint who lived in l4th century A.D. This holy shrine comes under the collection of Kunruthoradal.

The Deity Lord Bala Murugan, with goddess Valli on one side and on the other Devanai resides at Rathinagiri. Here there happened a miracle on 20th March, 1968. On this day of my enlightenment, enchanted with the blessings of Lord Bala Murugan, I became His devotee. From that moment, seeking His spiritual wisdom, I have been rendering sincere service to those in need. Because of my untiring spiritual service, the temple being small once, now appears to be another bill on the existing bill.

Throughout, I remained stationary on the bill and gradually the temple came into being from the outcome of my insight I strained myself both physically and mentally in order to install this temple. Really this is a Herculean task. The blessings of Lord Bala Murugan reached far and wide and nook and corner. The same knocked the doors, which were not knocked until then. As a result, many devotees as well as philanthropists rushed to this temple and extended their offerings by means of donations.

Once there was crisis during 1994-95 when the works at the temple stood paralyzed. At this critical juncture, accepting my requisition the Tamil Nadu Government arranged for interest free loan of Rs. ten lakhs through Palani Arulmigu Dandayudhapani Swami Tirukovil, a subsidy of five lakhs from the Government and three lakhs from the Common Good Fund from the Commissioner, Religious Endowment Department.

At one time works on extension at the temple were affected due to paucity of funds. Of course, on many occasions some devotees without touching even one rupee in their hands were magnanimous in offering donations through their colleagues and companions with an utmost intention that the blessings of Lord Bala Murugan should reach their families. Their encouragement and motivation aroused my interest so that I could complete the work according to my insight and will. Everything shows their love and devotion towards Lord Bala Murugan. On this occasion, I would like to share my joy with my devotees.

Everyone understands that this is not an ordinary temple with sculptures of stone and iron. It manifests certain truths also. Sacrificing myself, I wrote, remained and witnessed everything. Still I am visualizing everything. It has become a sacred shrine. Right from tire beginning, this sacred shrine has been installed with a sanctum sanctorum in the same place, in the same direction, in the same measurement in accordance with the Chola style of sculpture.

Once there were many hollow places surrounding the temple. Now they have been levelled and a spacious hail around the shrine and a beautiful entrance have been completed. It took 17 years to complete the architecture. Now one can see the bright and beautiful sanctum of stones. On the outer part, we can see six Padai Veedu moola murtis of Lord Muruga. A golden chariot along with the spacious hail is also seen here. We can also notice the sky-touching tower and vimanam above the sanctum. This is really a marvel. There is a separate shrine for Lord Karpaga Vinayagar to the right side of Lord Bala Murugan. Surrounding it, there is a beautiful hall in the midst of the spacious mandapam, a beautiful sacred dwajasthambam has been installed. In between the dwajasthambam and sanctum we notice the Altar. May 11 vahana is displayed with glamour. Ten yalis are supporting the mandapam. The marvel of these things cannot be explained in words. The temple, which once covered an area of 200 sq. feet, has now been extended up to an unbelievable area of 30,000 sq. feet.

The Ashtapandana Mali, Kumbhabishekam for Lord Bala Murugan is to be performed between 9 a.m. and 10.30 a.m. on Thursday, 6 February 2003 (Tamil Nadu Chitra Banu, Thai month, dated 23). In connection with the above, 54 Yaha Kundams are to be arranged. Yaha Salai Pujas will commence on 3.2.2003 and will continue both mornings and evenings as per the schedule given under the programme.

On this rare occasion, we extend our hearty welcome to all the devotees who have been with us for 34 years, those devotees of Lord Bala Murugan who flowed in during the medieval period extending their fullest co-operation in every aspect in the development of the temple and all the members of the elite society to participate in this Kumbhabishekam and Yaga Salai Pooja and obtain eternal bliss.

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